Invited Speakers


Confirmed Invited Speakers and tentative titles

  • Marco Bazzan, Università di Padova (Italy) and VIRGO Collaboration
    Nonlinear optics for improved gravitational wave interferometry

  • Ivan Biaggio, Lehigh University, Bethlehem (USA)
    The life and times of excitons in organic semiconductors: fission, fusion, entanglement, transport, and dissociation
  • Emmanuelle DeleporteLaboratoire Aimé Cotton, ENS Cachan (France)
    Excitons in hybrid halide perovskites
  • Dean Evans, Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton (USA)
    Understanding the mysteries of ferroelectricity in zero dimensional nanoparticles and their role in electro-optical applications
  • Alexander Grabar, Uzhhorod National University (Ukraine)
    How doping and post-growth treatments modify the photorefractive performance of Sn2P2S6
  • Rachel Grange, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
    Beyond metals and semiconductors: nano-oxides for nonlinear photonic devices
  • Michel Gross, Université de Montpellier (France)
    Holographic methods (Digital and Dynamic holography) applied to acousto optic imaging in scattering media
  • Christoph Merschjann, Freie Universität, Berlin (Germany)
    From photorefractive oxides to carbon-based photocatalysts: shedding light on transport and function by transient optical spectroscopy
  • Christophe Moser, EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland)
    Multimode fibers: learning image transmission and spatio-temporal lasers
  • Sébastien Popoff, ESPCI, Institut Langevin, Paris (France)
    Wavefront shaping in complex media for analog computation
  • George Valley, Aerospace Corp., Los Angeles (USA)
    Optical signal processing from photorefractive materials to speckle in multimode waveguides
  • Guoquan Zhang, Nankai University, Tianjin (China)
    Coherent optical field manipulation and optical information processing via EIT-induced atomic coherence gratings


Special evening session (June 19th)


  • Peter Günter, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
    Photorefraction, a workhorse for nonlinear optics

  • Jean-Pierre HuignardJphopto, Paris (France)
    Seminal contributions of photorefractive nonlinear optics

  • Marvin Klein, Intelligent Optical Systems, Torrance (USA)
    Adaptive Laser Ultrasonic Receivers For Industrial Inspection: a PR Crystal in Every One
  • Roland Ryf, Nokia - Bell Laboratories, Holmdel (USA)
    Nonlinear effects in km-long multimode fibers


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