The Photorefractive Photonics 2019 conference will take place in the city of Gérardmer, a small town within the nice scenery of the Vosges Mountains, the low mountain chain that boarders the Rhine Valley on its west side. The town counts roughly 8000 inhabitants and lies at about 675 m elevation over sea level. Gérardmer is a summer and winter touristic resort with nearby skiing slopes in winter and a wide offer of several outdoor summer activities. Each January, Gérardmer hosts the "Festival international du film fantastique", an international festival of horror and science-fiction movies. Gérardmer is also famous for its textile production as a capital for household linen, where traditional skills are combined with modern technology.

Both conference site and participants accommodation will be at the Grand Hotel & Spa Gérardmer, a four star hotel that has a large conference room, three restaurants, one bar, and various wellness facilities. The hotel is located in the very center of the town of Gérardmer.

Climate: The average high temperature in June in Gérardmer is about 20 degrees Celsius and the average low temperature is 9 oC. One may expect some precipitations in roughly half of the days of the month. Some sunshine may be expected in roughly 3/4 of the days of the month.


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